Are you planning a family trip right now? Why not? The Covid situation is right under control. So why not refresh your mind and create some lifetime memories with your kids.

But traveling with kids is a bit messy. I mean infants are okay as long as you maintain their eating and sleeping schedule. But toddlers are different. They have their own things to carry.

So why not give them their own luggage to carry. Have you ever thought about this option? Well if you have and confused right now, here is some opinion of ours that will help to make your mind.


Packing for a vacation can be very confusing. But with kids, it can be frustrating sometimes also. They have their own kind of loyalty for their favorite toys.

You are going on a vacation to make an emotional bond with your kid, not to carry bags only. It only can accomplish by having individual luggage for everyone’s belongings. It will help to keep their tiny little things separate from yours.

Packing for all trips isn’t the same. They differ according to the duration. If you are going on a weekend trip, packing doesn’t really matter. But for longer trips, it would be convenient for having personal luggage.


Kids easily get engaged and excited about their new surroundings. After all, it’s an age to feel adventurous. Here are some advantages of having their own luggage during the trips-


Kids tend to respond very well if you give them independence. If you provide them with their own luggage you are helping them to learn a sense of responsibility. It also helps them to get the about the packing stage that they can’t take all their favorite toys with them. It teaches kids to make choices.

Better Organization

For several family members packing individual things are a time saver. Having every child carry their own items like toys, snacks can spare you from trouble. It increases their organizational skill.

Excitement and Engaging

Involving your kids in planning and packing, helps them to get engaged more with the trip. It also adds excitement as your trips draw nearer. When you are doing some pre-trip research just ask them about their opinions on little things. It will make them more engaged and more excited about the trip.


There is no universal age limit for a child to own a piece of luggage. But before buying one make sure to follow these guidelines-


While buying luggage for your kid, a light weighted luggage should be your top priority. Over-weight luggage would be tiresome for your kid. And you really don’t want to end up carrying both your child and his or her suitcase.


The most important feature of a luggage is its wheels. It should be easy to roll and move around.


Usually a weak point for any luggage. It can be the first thing to break and can be pretty frustrating for you and your child in the middle of a road.


You should let your kid pick their own luggage. At first, you can try to pre-select some for them according to their preferences like if they want a certain cartoon character or from Disney or sports.

If you are planning to get a luggage for a long time to use for your kids then you need to avoid cartoon characters. As the kids grow their preferences also change. He or she may be liking it right now but it can be a very different story even a year from now. Try to choose a bright, colorful, and unique design.


Warranty is another important feature while buying bags. It assures you of the things that you are buying a quality product and it doesn’t contain any manufacturing defects.

If you travel regularly with your kids then you should go for luggage which will give you several years of service. That’s why you need to think thoroughly about it so that you can choose a bag that will grow your child.

Try to choose a bag that would be large enough for both younger and older children and will fit according to their capacity and height. A regular using bag will have a limited life anyway. So, choose a bag that can used for multi-purposes like sleepovers, school trips, extracurricular activities, and similar.

Hardshell or softshell-

It really depends on your personal liking. In both styles, they have their own perks. Hardshell bags offer better protection for fragile items and they are also much less flexible. With softshell bags, it is easier to travel because it takes up a little space.

We all know kids can be messy sometimes. If you have one then hard shell luggage would be the best option for you. Because it is much easier to clean. Softshell luggage has been known to stain when liquid items like juice or anythings else get spilled or inside the bag.

In softshell bags, they have little extra pockets in which kids can keep their toys or snacks. It is also easy to overstuff and also can be fit in smaller areas than hardshell luggage of the same size.


If your kid is school-aged, he or she may be already familiar with the backpack option. It is a good option for shorter trips or carry-on. The weight is divided by the straps which make your child carry it easily. It has lots of compartments, which helps to keep items better organized. But given the choices, you would prefer rolled luggage. You might also prefer hybrid options. The manufacturer might understand your dilemma. Nowadays they combine both of them together.


Here we are including a short luggage suggestion which will suit school-going kids and teenagers as well.

American Tourister Disney Kids Hardside Upright Kids Luggage

American Tourister Disney Kids Hardside Upright Kids Luggage

If your kid is into Disney or Star Wars character then you should consider about this option. It offers you to stay light and will be the best option in the market. This luggage is made from lightweight and durable ABS material. Also offers crisscross tie-down straps to hold clothing in place.


  • Dual tube pull handle
  • Strong ABS plastic, a highly temperature-resistent.
  • Elastic cross straps- helps to prevent shifting and keeps contentd organized.
  • Side mounted skate for easy movement.
  • Carry-on sized

Skip Hop Kids Luggage With Wheels, Zoo, Unicorn

Skip Hop Kids Luggage With Wheels, Zoo, Unicorn

This zoo luggage on wheel is sturdy enough for daily use or distant journey. The luggage has a friendly face and a front zip pocket with mesh divider. It makes easy for your kids to reach for smaller items. You also can clean this luggage with damp cloth and mild detergent for spot cleaning. But not suitable for children under three years.


  • Made of sturdy poly-canvas fabric.
  • Elastic mesh bottle pocket
  • A handy front zip pocket with divider for an easy reach
  • A retractable 13-inch handle and a write on nametag
  • Fun maching zipper pulls.

Steven Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage-

Steven Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage-

Packing will be fun with this bright and colorful, exciting characters and patterns make this luggage super stylish. It offers a sturdy construction and durable polyester exterior so you can assure this bag is made to last through plenty of wear and tear.

  • An extendable handle for easy rolling
  • Multiple outside compartments, helps your kids to stay organize.
  • Steven Joseph offers you to customize it on your own.
  • Plenty of space

Wrapping Up

Travelling with kids is to enrich their memory with new experiences in life and create an emotional bond.  It also can be overwhelming because the hectic schedules, long road journeys and cranky kids are just a few of the challenges you can face on the way. But still, you and your child should enjoy every moment of seeing the world and create lifetime memories along the way.