Top saucer tree swings for your lovely child:

We all have nice memories with swings! It’s great fun. Don’t you have childhood memories with your friends on swings? Surely, you have. Or maybe you do not have any. Let us not drag it on. We are talking about swings. Basically, about children swinging.

You may have memories with handmade swings. You may have made an old punctured car tire, made some holes on it and passed some tough ropes, and tied them with large trees. That is how the swings were made in the garden. But, the time has changed. Nowadays, many companies offer nice suitable swings for your child. You will find it both easy to use and quality. 

Let us compare the ready-made swings with the hand-made swings. Those hand-made swings were a great example of creativity and the very first DIY project of children, undoubtedly. It was great fun to make these swings with neighbor friends. But the ready-made swings are not even less. They will provide you extra space, they are sturdier, wider, and way more comfortable. Besides,  these swings are a time-saver, too. Nowadays,  children are used to having ready-made toys and 

less interested in making toys. So, you can just buy a swing and set it in your garden. Children can play easily outdoors with it and can have a great summer. These swings are durable and maintain standards. They are just the upgraded version of hand-made swings.

Mostly available types of saucer swings:

Enhance the aesthetics of your children’s toys with the saucer swings. Before you buy one, you should take a look at the types available in the market. The most popular swings are two types, described below:

Surf oval tree saucer swing:

These saucer swings are basically for multiple children at a time. These swings are very easy to set up and have some amazing options. You can also adjust it with your wish. Remember that, they are not capable of bearing more than 350 pounds.

Hanging chair tent saucer swing: 

This is another type of familiar saucer swing. As told in the name, it is tent-shaped but can swing on branches. Your children can enjoy a relaxed summer with this hanging chair on the lawn.

Trending top 10 saucer swings:

1. VIVOHOME Saucer Tree Swing:

Known as the best for overall features. VIVOHOME Saucer Tree Swing is one of the most comfortable ones. Perfect materials made it more durable. You can use it for multiple children at a time. Set up is very easy and children with groups can enjoy it! It is spacious and attached with a 71-inch rope. Made of Oxford cloth with Polypropylene Mesh and steel frame. Seat space is about 41 inches and is useful for multiple riders. Another noteworthy point is color shades in the case of child’s toys. It has an amazing color palette with multiple color fabrics. Having an impressive review on most of the selling sites which makes it more popular. You can remove the saucer swing after use. It is very easy to roll up.

Brand and beyond:

  • VIVOHOME made the swing, especially for the child.
  • It is very simple to install and remove.
  • It is re-attachable. 
  • If you use it for a prolonged time, the colors can be dull with dust and sun.
  • You can place it both inside the house or your garden lawn
  • Normally, no accidental slip off legs and hips is not possible.
  • An amazing color collection like blue, black and multicolor.
  • Usable for adults, too. But sitting in a group can be hazardous. 
  • It can bear weights up to 600 pounds.
  • The padded side makes it easy to hop on and off.
  • Encircled with strong steel pipes.


  • Easy to hop on and off
  • Huge weight-bearing capacity.


  • Colors can be faded away 

2. Hand-Knitted Child Swing Seat:

Most comfortable swing set for children. It is such a comfortable swing that if you swing for hours, it Won’t hurt your back. Known as the uber-comfy swings. The seat is super comfy. A strong knot makes it more practical for children. You will not slip out from it. You can use it for multipurpose. You can just relax on it or can read a book with a luxurious view of the pool or garden. It is great fun! Comes with the necessary kits and that is why it is easily adjustable. Though it looks like a small swing, it can bear a weight of 660 pounds. Though it is soft, affordable you may find it a bit snug sometimes. 

Brand and beyond:

  • RedSwing brand has made this amazing swing set.
  • Only green color available. 
  • Quite heavy product  
  • Comes with adjustable ropes and necessary materials.
  • Made of long-lasting materials and comfortable grip.
  • Made of polyester and easy to wash.
  • Have a U shape pocket 
  • Have an enclosure frame that prevents back slip.
  • Easy to install.
  • Useful for the jungle gym and outdoor play for children.


  • Multipurpose use.
  • Huge weight-bearing capacity.


  • Have a slight chance of back slip.

3. SUPER DEAL 40″ Waterproof Saucer Tree Swing Set:

Known as the small budget swing set. This swing set provides high-quality comfort. Has a unique design that looks similar to the car tire. If you consider the price it is the best-facilitated saucer swing in the market. Super comfy materials like Oxford polyester have added aesthetics to them.  It can bear more than 600 pounds of weight. The Seating space is quite spacious with 41 inches of sitting space.

Brand and beyond:

  • SUPER DEAL has made the swing with amazing features on a low budget.
  • This swing is mainly for outdoor space.
  • Having less diameter than other swings.
  • It has adjustable ropes so that you can use it for a different height.
  • This swing has corrosion protection and UV resistance. 
  • Have adjustable ropes for different heights.
  • Made of polyester which is easy to clean.
  • This is a waterproof saucer swing.
  • Circles with steel frames make it more durable and safe for children. 


  • Fabric is easily washable
  • UV and water resistance.


  • Street can hurt your baby

4. Saucer Tree Swing:

Best covered swing. This swing is quite different from other competitive swings. You can hang it easily on a high branch and use it as a tent. You can cover the swing with a rolling door and enjoy a calm and quiet environment. Book lovers can enjoy reading there. Opening the door, you can also enjoy the surroundings and scenes. Comes with the whole kit that needed to be settled. You don’t need to worry about ropes and paddings. It has many plus points like – it is covered and multifunctional. This swing provides enough space for sitting and enjoying the environment. You can use it in hiking or your garden or backyard. Enjoy your dream play in this swing. Though this swing has many plus points, you may find it tricky sometimes. 

Brand and beyond:

  • Saucer tree swing has an amazing sitting place 
  • This swing is made of waterproof PVC-coated polyester. 
  • Has a capability of bearing 700lbs
  • The galvanized pipe makes it stronger and has no slipping risk.
  • Fits in different hanging heights.
  • It provides multiple ways to swing. 
  • Chains included surrounding the rolling door
  • Has mounting hangers
  • The tent part is detachable
  • Includes swivel and hanging straps.
  • Has enough space to lounge inside.
  • This tree swing tree is water resistance and UV resistance 
  • People over 13 years old can easily use it.



  • Have mounting hangers
  • Galvanized steel is used


  • Not usable for smaller babies

5. Swurfer – the Original Stand Up Surfing Swing.

Known as the best stand-up swing set. Swurfer – the Original Stand Up Surfing Swing has a unique shape that allows riders to stand up easily and keep the balance. Running these swings requires pressure. That means you can use it for exercise purposes. Isn’t it a great idea to have fun and exercise at the same time? Swurfer – the Original Stand Up Surfing Swing will provide you with the facilities. Riders will have great fun. It has a small dimension of 11 inches x 32 inches x 6 inches. Made of eco-friendly products like hard rock and maple wood. This swing is safe for one person. Can not bear the weight of more than 200 pounds. It is designed to strengthen the body and to have a good balance.

Brand and beyond:

  • Swurfer has made the swing with amazing quality. 
  • Fits for one person or two. 
  • You will have an amazing feeling with hop on soar in the air.
  • The Curved shape makes it more comfortable while standing in the swing.
  • Usable for adults, too.
  • It is a Handmade product with wood and rocks. The brand cares about nature.
  • 30 feet adjustable ropes.
  • Unlike the other saucer swing, it has a steel handle. 
  • You can set up this saucer swing set in the high branch or with any weight-bearing structure. 
  • Due to its unique design, it provides a hefty amount of pressure.
  • It is ideal for swinging, not lounging. 


  • Have adjustable ropes
  • Make sure of the pressure gradient.


  • Not ideal for lounging.

6. Netted Hanging Tree Swing:

Most large netted swing. It is spacious enough to provide space for a few children to sit safely. It also has a huge weight-bearing capacity than other competitive swings. It can bear 750 pounds. But make sure that you have settled it properly. Provided UV resistance rope. It is a whooping itself. The package comes as a combo providing everything you need. Has an instruction guide so that you do not miss a point. This swing requires a large space to hang it. It has a very large sitting area that might not fit in the small garden area. So, place it in such a place that children can easily get on and down safely. You can make a friendly environment with this swing on your lawn with a neighbor child.

Brand and beyond:

  • The Trekassy brand has made the amazing swing set
  • Made of quality products like stainless and alloy steel.
  • Have a weight-bearing capacity of 2000 pounds.
  • Have a large spider.
  • Made of sturdy materials 
  • Durable tree net swing
  • This tight weight rope provides a seat for 5 children. 
  • Safer for children to hang for a large time.
  • Includes 1PK swivel spinner 
  • Have adjustable ropes 
  • Empty rust and weather resistance sitting space.
  • With the guide,  make sure the swing is more flexible.  


  • Provides UV resistant materials.
  • Adjustable ropes


  • Some customers do not find it flexible.

7. Juegoal Giant Platform Swing:

known as the best multiple rider swing set.

It has a giant platform. So,  the swing can be loaded with groups. It can bear a huge weight than another swing saucer with its heavy snap hooks and strong topes. It has a large dimension of 32 x 60 inches. Made of quality materials like oxford cloth, alloy steel, and ropes. Has a weight-bearing capacity of 800 pounds. Featured with a heavy handle that does not allow slip of body and provides easy swing.

Brand and beyond:

  • Juegoal brand has made the saucer swing for children groups.
  • Before swinging, check the ropes and screw.
  • Has adjustable ropes.
  • You can easily install the saucer swing and easily roll up it.
  • Made of waterproof materials.
  • Its high-quality materials make it more durable than others.
  • Offers a traditional saucer look with a giant platform. 
  • You can not make a rising swing with this set.
  • This swing set needs not be washed. Heavy breeze can wipe the dust and dirt away.
  • It is one of the strongest swings in the market.


  • Durable
  • Well weight-bearing capacity 
  • Strong enough


  • Have a giant platform that can be too spacious for one child

 8. Zupapa Hanging Tree Swing Tent:

Familiar with innovative design. It is a multifunctional swing that can work as both swings and tents. For such a creative design and innovative look, it is quite familiar among customers. Your child can make outdoor toys and you can also hit a long journey. There are many color options like – blue, blue red white stars, star, moon, and rose-themed. It doesn’t have any special features with weight. It can simply bear a weight of 330 pounds. Amazing materials added aesthetics to its features. It is made of galvanized pipe, padded foam, Oxford cloth, and so on. It also has a mesh net. You can easily detach it from the tree branch and carry it in your car. It can also help you while hiking. Who doesn’t want to have such a product? 

Brand and beyond:

  • Zupapa has made such an innovative designed swing. 
  • Made of pipe, foam padding, and oxford fabric. 
  • It is a multifunctional product. 
  • Easily detachable and roll-on system. 
  • Has a less weight-bearing capacity in comparison with others.
  • Adjustable rope will help you set up the set.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoor.
  • 40 inches floor diameter. 
  • Has a rolling door that can help you on sunny days and also protect you from mosquitoes. 
  • Perfect for a few youngsters.


  • There are many colors available
  • Protects from mosquito
  • Rolling door


  • It can be detached easily.

9. Orange Plastic Disc Tree Swing:

Popular for amazing basic style. This is a tree swing. This swing is also perfect for you if you are looking for a low-budget one. A very popular type of swing you may have already seen beside the pools, farmhouse, garden, or public park. Some customers also claim that it is not for children. Especially for kids. But it is suitable for young people who can already balance. You can add an Awesome look in your garden or backyard. 

Brand and beyond:

  • Orange Plastic Disc Tree Swing has amazing customer reviews. 
  • Competitively less price than other saucer swings 
  • It is very easy to attach 
  • Small in size and fit in the small spaces, too.
  • The usable age range is 9 to 12 years of age.


  • Less pricey
  • Small size


  • Not usable for many children

10. Wooden Tree Swing:

It is a very classic type of swing. It looks so amazing and adds a nourishing touch to your garden. Your child can make a nice childhood memory with this wooden swing. It is sturdy and super comfy. These wooden swings look more practical and classic than the toy-looking swings. Provides a soft handle rope that can adjust the height. Comes as a combo set and you don’t need to buy anything. Just adjust the rope in your place and enjoy the swing! Though it is sturdy and beautiful,  it is a bit tricky to install. Normally,  found in natural color. Very lightweight product. As it is made of wood, it is waterproof. Easy to install with woody things.

Brand and beyond:

  • Made by the Yangbaga brand. 
  • Made of natural material like wood and pine wood
  • This product is made of an environment-friendly and durable product.
  • Without deformation, it can last a long time.
  • Have nice coated materials. 
  • Has amazing strap hooks and carabineer hooks.
  • Easy to install- just chose a woody thing and adjust.
  • Comes with all mounting accessories. 
  • You can adjust the height as you grow up.
  • Have a nonslip ridge seat.


  • Environment-friendly product
  • Have cabinets hooks


  • Quite heavy than others.

Frequently asked questions:

Are the saucer swings safe?

Well, it depends on the materials used. There are some saucer swings tested and guaranteed and certified as ” safe for children”. So, before using,  check the materials.

How many weights can a saucer swing bear?

Normally, saucer swings can bear a weight of up to 350 pounds. But, the Royal Oak Saucer swing is known as the best loaded can be. 

Is hanging swings on the tree safe?

Watch out if the branch is yearly dead or capable of bearing weight first. Otherwise, your fun can be turned into hazards.

What to consider for choosing the best one?

Before buying a swing, look over the necessary things. And before using, maintain the safety cautions. Look over the previous review, rate, and materials. There is a shortlist of things what to look for:

Materials made of:

It is very necessary to know about the materials and their stretching capacity. It is important for children’s toys. There are different materials used in these swings. Surely, you will get confused while checking. Our research team is suggesting a spider-type of saucer swing for the best materials. During playing, slipping of legs or hips is very common. Your child can get hurt. Spider type of swing will help not to get hurt, simply.

Design of the saucer swing:

Design means “the usable age range”. There are various types of swings used for various age groups. If the swing is designated for children, adults should better avoid it.

Weight-bearing capacity:

Wouldn’t you prefer a swing that can hold more children safely at a time? Of course, you will. Our research team did so, too. They are recommending more individual-oriented Swurfer for this option.

Price of the saucer swings:

There is a wide price range of swings. You will find most swings in between the 40 $ to 130$ price range. Watch out for the features and have a glance at whether this product is worthy of it or not!

Eco-friendly product:

In this era, where pollution is such a big deal, make sure that any product you are using is environmentally friendly and recyclable. 


You can enrich your garden look with swings. Besides, it can be great fun for your child. When you are not going to any outdoor places to make holidays, you can have fun with your children on the garden lawn. All that you need is to have a high-branched ” safe” tree in your garden and a swing. These swings are found in different sizes, shapes, capacities, and water resistance. Be mindful of your requirements and buy one. And the left task is to attach the swing and have fun!

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